A county councillor has called the Dominic Cummings story a 'media witch hunt' and says the Prime Minister should keep his top aide in place. 

As reported, the Mirror and Guardian newspapers revealed on Friday night that Mr Cummings had made a 260-mile trip to Durham with his wife and child - whilst the family had suspected coronavirus. 

Mr Cummings said he made the trip so his sister could look after his child whilst he and his wife were ill. 

But the trip was made during lockdown - when the government stated that those with suspected coronavirus should not even leave their home. 

The guidelines also stipulated that they should not travel. 

Several backbench Tory MPs have today said Mr Cummings should resign. Durham Police confirmed it had visited Mr Cummings' parents' home after the government said the story was inaccurate. 

But one Conservative Oxfordshire councillor called the story a 'media witch hunt' and said Mr Cummings should keep his job.

Liam Walker, representative for Hanborough and Minster Lovell, who has the 'stay home save lives' sticker on his official Facebook page, tweeted: 'I’m no fan of Cummings but can someone actually show me any proof he broke the rules because from what I’ve seen/heard it was within the guidance.

'This media witch hunt actually makes me think the PM should keep him in place to make a clear point media aren’t running things.'