A POSTER bashing Swindon has been plastered across Oxford.

The white sign, spotted glued to a brick wall, urges residents to stay at home in the midst of coronavirus lockdown and says: "At least you're not in Swindon. #StayhomeOxford."

It claims to be from Oxford City Council and uses its well known font, colour way and logo to try and get away with it.

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Taking to Twitter Dominic Utton shared the snap of it, saying: "Brilliant work by [the council]."

But the social media team replied: "Nope, it wasn't us."

Before telling this paper: "We’re a bit biased of course, but we think if you’re stuck somewhere in lockdown, there’s no better place in the world to be than Oxford.”

Mr Utton said they had 'missed a trick' after it made him laugh out loud.