DOUBLE yellow lines will be painted on a series of roads around Bicester, stopping people from parking or waiting on them.

The new road markings will be splashed across 14 roads in the town, while residents of one road won a reprieve from new restrictions because of worries about how it would affect nearby shops and homes.

Yvonne Constance, Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for the environment rubber stamped the plans, which were intended to make roads safer for residents, who broadly agreed with the measures.

At total of 136 people took part in a county council survey about the plans for the double yellow lines.

Out of these, there were 28 objections to various roads, 64 expressions of support and 44 who neither supported nor objected but had opinions or criticisms to make about the plans.

The lines are largely being drawn around the entrances to the roads where they meet busy junctions.

The roads where new double yellow lines are going to be drawn are:

• Blake Road, Graham Road and Windmill Avenue in Bicester North

• Fallowfields, Green Close, Lambourne Crescent, Longfields, Maple Road and Moor Pond Close in Bicester Town

• Barry Avenue, Blenheim Drive, Ewart Close, Kingsley Road and Shakespeare Drive in Bicester West

There were also plans for parking restrictions on Browning Drive, but resident Jenna Shaer spoke against them.

This lead Ms Constance to ask for the planned lines to be reconsidered.

Ms Shaer said she did not see a need for the lines and had 'never seen' parking issues in the area.

She said the lines would stop people from being able to park at shops and near a vets surgery on the road, and cause problems for people living further down Browning Drive.

Ms Shaer added: "I cannot stress enough the impact these restrictions will have on myself, my family and our neighbours."