THE question of whether bikes should be allowed onto Oxford's main shopping streets has split readers down the middle.

As of May 18, Oxfordshire County Council opened Queen Street to cargo bikes so they could make deliveries to shops.

Both Queen Street and nearby Cornmarket Street have traffic orders in place which means cyclists should dismount, but this has been waived for cargo cyclists on Queen Street.

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In a straw poll of 1,121 Oxford Mail readers, 71 per cent said they were aware of the restriction.

But when asked whether all bikes should be allowed to ride down the street and not just cargo bikes. there was a much closer result among readers, with an almost 50-50 split among readers on the issue.

Out of a total of 1,116 people, 53 per cent (or 592 people) said wanted bikes to be allowed on Queen Street.

The remaining 524 people did not want bikes to be allowed on the street.

More people in the city are ordering supplies and services from cargo bike companies during

The traffic management order on both Queen Street and Cornmarket street prevents cyclists from riding there between 10am and 6pm.

But cyclists do sometimes ride down the pedestrianised streets, many of whom are unaware of the restriction.

The decision to ease the ban will not affect the vast majority of cyclists, and only those riding cargo bikes will be allowed to ride down them under the new plan.

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More shops in Oxford are ordering supplies and services from cargo bike companies during lockdown.

The zero-carbon delivery service Pedal & Post are currently providing a delivery service for Covered Market traders while laundry service OxWash is helping to collect and launder NHS key worker clothing.

Oxford Mail:

Yvonne Constance

When the trial was first announced, Yvonne Constance, the county council's cabinet member for the environment said it was part of moves to 'clean up the air' in the city.

Queen Street has been identified as an important route through the city centre by cargo bike companies.

The council is consulting on the change until November this year.

Anyone who wants to take part in it can find the the county counci's consultation on the cargo bike trial can find it at