WE joked with Oxford City Rector Anthony Buckley yesterday, as he walked around the city hitting buildings with a big stick, that it was nice to see something 'normal' happening in Oxford again.

Because it is these quirky, idiosyncratic traditions – like the Beating the Bounds ceremony – that make a place feel normal, and feel like home, isn't it?

Rev Buckley said that several people came to him yesterday to say they were delighted to see him carrying on the historic tradition despite everything.

He added: "I was moved by people’s warmth this morning - they seemed glad to see it happening once again."

People sunbathing on Port Meadow is another one of the very specifically Oxford traditions, though of course many people will feel uncomfortable about people gathering in these large groups while it is still against government advice.

However, elsewhere in the city yesterday there were more signs of Oxford life returning to normal – more bikes on the streets, and even a few buskers playing to the scattered handfuls of people.

None of it, of course, really feels normal, but then the best bits of Oxford have never really been 'normal' anyway, have they?

We just want to get back to being Oxford.