A TWENTY mile an hour speed limit on Botley Road will be extended past Waitrose.

Currently, the 20mph speed limit on the busy road into the centre of Oxford begins as drivers cross over Osney Bridge.

But Oxfordshire County Council will now move the beginning of the 20-zone west along the road so it begins at the Bullstake Bridge near Waitrose instead.

The county council's cabinet member for the environment, Yvonne Constance took the decision at a meeting yesterday (21/05).

Ms Constance had already agreed to extend the limit westwards at the end of last year, but it has now been moved even further along the road.

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The decision was taken as part of changes to the road to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Oxfordshire County Council's local transport plan is trying to make changes to the way people travel in the county, by encouraging them to stop using cars.

North Hinksey councillor Judy Roberts spoke in favour of the speed decrease and added she would like to see the speed limit lowered along the whole length of Botley Road.

Ms Constance agreed with this idea, but said it would need to be the subject of a discussion in the future and could not be included in the current plan.

Roadworks are due to begin on the busy Botley Road on May 26, with the council planning to widen cycle lanes and pavements and make changes to bus stops.

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The works will begin in an area around Seacourt Park and Ride, with several other areas due for an overhaul later in the year.