CHILDREN on this estate have been painting rocks to make a giant ‘snake’.

Claire Sims, from Bicester, started the project on April 24 when she painted a snake’s head on a rock and put it on a footpath behind Whitelands Sport Centre in Kingsmere.

Since then, people have been painting more rocks and adding them to the snake – including her four-year-old son Harry.

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Ms Sims said: “I started it as I had seen this happen up north somewhere and I love painting rocks.

“At first I was thinking of trying to raise some money for the school as they could always do with funding.

Oxford Mail:

“But because of current circumstances it would prove difficult handling coins, so I placed the rock on the track behind the sports centre as it’s always been a favourite walk for my son and I.

“It’s amazing how much joy a painted rock can give a young child or even an adult.”

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Harry had been refusing leave his house at the time Ms Sims started the snake, and she hoped the rocks would encourage him and other children and adults to go out.

She added: “It’s getting my little boy out which is great. It’s something anyone can get involved in and brings a smile to many faces which makes my day.

Oxford Mail:

“I’m so happy it’s brought some fun to lots of little ones' faces in these awful, scary times. I’m hoping the snake will get to do a full circuit.”

Catherine Wade, from Bicester, has been getting involved with the project with her two children Cleona and Daniel.

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She said: "It’s a lovely way for families to work together to create something together. It gives us all something relaxing to do and gets us outdoors and it brings people so much joy to see all the art that’s been created.

"It also teaches adults and children kindness, creativity and the importance of not taking something that doesn’t belong to you so it can bring everyone joy not just you."

People are posting their children adding rocks to the snake on the Bicester Rocks Facebook page which Ms Sims has been a member of for years.

Oxford Mail:

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