PETER Gough was an extremely dedicated worker.

He had concerns about how well he was protected while doing his job at the John Radcliffe, but he carried on going in every day anyway.

As his managers said shortly after his death, he had worked in numerous different departments at the hospital, and was clearly loyal to the work.

It seems highly likely that he would have contracted the coronavirus at work, and almost certain that if he had worn a face mask every day he would have been better protected.

However he was not provided with any sort of personal protective wear by his managers, he contracted the virus, and he died from it.

Is this a simple case to answer?

Many of Peter's colleagues in the same position have not shown any symptoms of the virus, and his managers have been following national guidance given by teams of medical experts.

However we strongly agree with Peter's family and his friend Paul in urging people to take heed of this case and learn the obvious lesson from it so that this tragedy is not repeated: more protection is needed.