ARMED police raided two homes next door to each other in Oxford yesterday in the middle of the afternoon.

Saunders Road in Cowley was closed off for most of the day after five police cars, four armed police units and two vans raced to the scene.

Oxford Mail:

About 10 officers with guns, some in plain clothes, lined the street while another unit rammed a car trying to leave the road.

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One reader, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the commotion happened at about 3pm but at 11pm last night four police cars, a van unit, and 10 officers were still spotted at the scene.

In pictures police officers in regular clothes can be seen patrolling the street while a police van with its blue lights on sits near a seven-seater and Range Rover.

Oxford Mail:

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Saunders Road is just off Cowley Road, on the left-hand side of Cowley Grocery and Meat and close to Oxford Spires Academy. 

Police have been contacted for a comment.