A PHARMACY delivery driver has been given a parking fine by Oxfordshire County Council while delivering medicine to vulnerable patients.

The car belongs to Woodlands Pharmacy in Botley Road, and is a dedicated vehicle for deliveries.

It is well marked as a delivery vehicle, so anyone can see it is delivering medicine.

Oxford Mail:

Driver Simon Troth received the £70 fine for parking in a delivery bay on Banbury Road on March 5, before lockdown, although the pharmacy has only just been told of the fine.

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Pharmacy owner Richard Thomas said: “We are struggling to deliver medicine to our vulnerable patients at this difficult time.

“Some pharmacies now charge for deliveries, but we have kept them free.

“So to have a fine imposed by the county council whilst delivering is a real kick in the teeth.

Oxford Mail:

“We hope the county council does not force us to stop delivering medicine to patients!”

The pharmacy is appealing against the fine.

The county council said: “Parking enforcement ensures that road safety is supported and that special specific areas such as loading bays, disabled parking spaces and residents areas are kept free for designated users.

"There are dispensations for some activities such as loading as set out in the Highway Code.

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"Nothing has changed in this respect and the best advice is for people to continue to observe parking restrictions but if they feel a PCN has been issued incorrectly they should follow the appeals process where each case is considered on its own merits.”