A GOLF club in Oxfordshire could be demolished before warehouses are then put in its place.

Land use planning company Greystoke Land is promoting the land at Waterstock Golf Club to be used for a 'logistics hub'.

The 200 acre site adjacent to junction 8A of the M40 in Thame would be home to a combination of warehouses with office space serving Oxford and the South East.

Greystoke Land believes that 'with the emerging circumstances of the ‘new normal’, Oxfordshire and the wider region are in need of strategically located logistics hubs'.

The site would provide 3,500 jobs which would mainly be white collar roles such as IT and managerial, while the construction process of the warehouses would provide 140 jobs.

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But Waterstock Golf Club, which is still used by members and visitors, would be demolished as the warehouses are intended to be on the entire site.

However, Greystoke Land say that at a time of uncertainty, the logistics hub would bring a welcome boost to the local and regional economy.

Anthony Crean, for Greystoke Land said: “We are delighted to have been selected to promote land at Waterstock Golf Course for a new logistics hub. I look forward to bringing detailed proposals for public consultation and hearing community views.

"The selection of Greystoke Land followed a strategic review of the business prompted by the lockdown, and careful consideration of the possible future prospects for the golf club with current uncertainly.

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“We value the views of golf course users who are a key community of interest and Greystoke look forward to discussing the detailed proposals as we develop them and during the public consultation and hearing golf club user views on the plans.”

The main reason why the warehouses are to be located at the golf club is because of its position so close to the M40, providing it with good connectivity to other areas of the country such as the Midlands and London.

A consultation is required first with key stakeholders, the local community and South Oxfordshire District Council before plans are officially drawn up and submitted.

Other golf clubs in the county have been under threat from developers looking to build on their sites.

North Oxford Golf Club has been earmarked as part of a development of up to 1,200 homes in Cherwell District Council's proposals to help Oxford's unmet housing need.

Eight of the holes at Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa were under threat by US resort company Great Wolf Resorts in plans to build a multi-million pound water park and hotel.

Waterstock Golf Club was contacted for comment but failed to respond before this paper went to print. The club will be reopened on May 23.