A WOMAN sliced open a homeless man's tent with a kitchen knife before threatening to kill him and 'cut his throat.'

Weeks after the 'inexplicable' outburst Ualea Kaboudahangi was stopped by officers armed with Tasers as she walked towards the city holding a knife.

The 38-year-old of Heatley Way, Botley, Oxford, had called police to claim she was going to kill someone.

Kaboudahangi appeared at Oxford Magistrates' Court yesterday.

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She pleaded guilty at that hearing to one count of causing criminal damage and two counts of having a bladed article in a public place.

Outlining the case prosecutor Peter Ryman said during the first incident Kaboudahangi approached her victim's tent at about 8pm on March 30.

Two men were inside the tent at Gloucester Green, Oxford, and Kaboudahangi began calling out for the occupant - a homeless man whom she knew.

They then heard a 'ripping' sound and saw Kaboudahangi, wielding two 'large kitchen knives,' tear a gash through the tent.

When she was asked what she was doing, she replied 'I am going to kill you, I am going to cut your throat.'

She went on to claim she had gone to the tent armed with a knife 'for retaliation' and had 'lost her temper.'

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During the second incident which took place on Saturday she called police to say she was on her way to the city because of a 'dispute with her drug dealer.'

Mr Ryman explained: "She said she had lost money during a drug deal, she said she had a knife and was going to go and kill someone."

Kaboudahangi was found by officers walking along West Way, heading towards Oxford.

Faced with Taser-armed police officers she complied with requests to get down and was arrested.

She was found to have in her possession a five-inch black handled kitchen knife.

Prosecutors said that Kaboudahangi had no other previous convictions and called the series of offending 'inexplicable.'

Mr Ryman said: "I could not quite explain it."

In mitigation, Scott Primmer, defending, said that his client made full admissions and had only wanted to damage the tent.

He said that Kaboudahangi denied using the verbal threats to the men inside the tent, but she admitted all the offences.

The court also heard that Kaboudahangi had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and was taking medication.

District Judge Kamlesh Rana, presiding, said that her 'powers of punishment [were] insufficient' and that the case could only be sentenced at the crown court.

The matter was adjourned for a final sentencing hearing which will be held at Oxford Crown Court on June 11.

A pre-sentence report was also ordered, to be compiled by the National Probation Service, and Kaboudahangi was released on bail.