AN Oxford resident has been cycling to people's homes dropping off books about Africa.

Natty Mark Samuels, founder of Oxford's African School based at Blackbird Leys Community Centre, wants to bring black and Afro-Caribbean history to a wider audience in Oxford.

Oxford Mail:

He wants people to be able to keep learning about African studies during lockdown and has moved the library at the school to his flat, from where he is now delivering the books to anyone who is interested.

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He calls the initiative the African School Mobile Library and so far there has six users from Blackbird Leys and Headington.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Samuels said: “My self imposed remit is to facilitate African studies to the community. People have got more time on their hands to read and delve into books and come to their own discoveries.

“People who are interested can contact me by email. I make suggestions then I cycle to the destination, putting the books through the letterbox or on the doorsteps."

Some of the books available to borrow are literature on the history of Africa, African-America and the Caribbean, short stories, poems, plays, biographies, novels and essays.

There is also a small music book section with reggae, blues and jazz.

It is a free service, but donations are welcome to help the library grow.

As part of the African School initiative Mr Samuels has taught classes in London and Manchester as well as across Oxford. To borrow a book, email