AN ACTIVIST who ‘graffitied’ ‘more wind, less fossil fuels’ in chalk outside a consultancy company that helps oil and gas businesses has been slapped with a £90 fine.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said it is ‘ridiculous’ and an ‘overreaction’.

The company, Fugro, who have offices in Wallingford, said they had no ‘intention’ of getting the police involved.

On May 1 she went to the building on Hithercroft Road on her daily exercise and drew in colourful chalk outside the entrance at around 8.30am.

A spokesperson for the company said a security guard initially approached her but because she was ‘peaceful’ and ‘was not damaging any property’ or being a ‘threat’ he went back inside.

Oxford Mail:

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In the afternoon, police officers arrived at the building asking for CCTV footage before leaving with ‘no indication of any further action or instructions to press charges’. The spokesperson, who said the Wallingford office staff were working on a number of ‘significant wind projects’, added: “Fugro has had no further correspondence with police of any other party subsequently.”

However on Wednesday afternoon police officers arranged a visit to her home address where they handed her a Police Notice For Disorder for ‘criminal damage of written graffiti in chalk’.

The lady said: “I accept this is against the law and I accept the punishment but I do think it is unjust. Who is this law protecting? I just feel it is an over reaction, I used children’s chalk which will wash away in the rain it is ridiculous.”