Dear Editor,

Here we go again, people knocking Boris's statement regarding the lockdown.

He couldn't win no matter what he said – certain people in different parties being the worst!

Thank goodness Boris won the election!

I am in my 60s and staying at home, but what Boris clearly stated was people must remain very alert and strictly abide rules of two metres apart – what is so difficult understanding?

What he has done was put some responsibility onto us all, and rightly so!

Everyone must listen carefully to the plan going forward, and do what is right for our country, acting as responsible citizens.

You will always get a minority that flout the rules, that will not change, but it is up to the majority of sensible people to show example: we need to move forward safely but this will be a long journey.

The aftermath of this terrible crisis will be devastating, the economy needs to get moving – Boris stressed this very plainly, and if we don't make safe changes we will all be worse off than before!

It's about time all parties worked together, to help our country back onto its feet, not look for negatives every time Boris and our majority government makes a decision.

Stop bickering, work as a team and all your suggestions would have a better chance of being heard, contributing to our future.

Jenny Coull

Sherwood Avenue


PS Thank you so much for your newspaper, it is invaluable for people like me, not going out but keeping up to date with news. Keep up the good work.