A GEOGRAPHY teacher has helped launch a free educational eco-pack for school children during lockdown.

Teacher Jane Taylor from Magdalen College School in Oxford co-created the ‘Rainforest in a Box’ with conservationists from the not-for-profit organisation Plant Your Future.

The pack teaches children about the diversity of life that can be found in a tropical ecosystem by encouraging them make their own mini rainforest.

It uses online videos and information sheets to teach children about the rainforest, different species and their adaptations, while challenging them to present what they have learnt in an artistic way.

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Ms Taylor said: “This is a brilliant educational tool to engage children in tropical rainforests and support a deeper understanding of their structure and biodiversity.”

The eco-pack is not just an educational activity it is also a worldwide competition. Children have until 4pm on May 15 to up-cycle materials they find around their home to create a ‘Rainforest in a Box’. Each box will be judged by a panel of experts and they will be assessed on their creativity, presentation, accuracy and originality.

To enter, submit a photo of your entry to hello@plantyourfuture.org.uk and make sure you include your name, age and the country you live in.