Dear Sir,

Carol Tomlinson (letters, April 29) writes that I am unjust in criticising MPs, wise only in hindsight over the government's inept handling of Covid-19, and am a propagandist for Lib Dems.

I remember a letter of hers that you published about December 2018, incredibly quoting Pastor Niemöller's views on the Nazis to apply to the European Union.

That was truly illiterate propaganda worthy of Donald Trump, as was her following tirade about the drain that immigrants make on our resources.

She assumes I support Layla Moran – utterly wrong, but I would never, like her, hold it against an MP that her father was a diplomat for the EU. She betrays herself with a sneer: "She identifies herself as a British Palestinian. How local is this, Mr Heron?"

Penning such a question at a time like this, when we see British Indians, British Sikhs, British Bangladeshis, British Filipinos, British Chinese and British Africans sacrificing themselves disproportionately on the frontline of the NHS, deserves only contempt.

She is also ignorant that my professional field was in advising large multinationals on risk assessments and control frameworks to contain or control them, so no hindsight was required on my part to criticise this government. The weasel (propaganda) word used by Hancock and others – 'unprecedented' – is simply untrue. The Black Death, Spanish Influenza, HIV-Aids and others are all precedents from which we could and should have learned that the very earliest steps should be taken to avoid cross contamination.


Garston Lane


Over the last few weeks at 8pm on Thursdays I have been clapping, banging saucepans and hammering my washboard, but with a big difference: I stand on a stepladder (of sorts), wearing a Union Jack suit and a different hat each week while my good neighbour films me (cheers, Sam).

Why do I do this?

Because the NHS saved my life after I had a motorcycle accident in February 1995.

More recently, I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in August 2018, but I am now on the mend, so thank you all the brilliant NHS.

God bless you all.

PS To date, over 2,000 likes on Facebook.


Saxton Road


I WAS hoping you may be able to put a massive 'thank you' in your paper to all the retail staff that put themselves at risk of Covid-19 every day to make sure we have enough food – and to say how proud we are of them.

My son is an under-manager at the Rose Hill Co-op in Oxford and he has said it is a very stressful time for us all and, while the majority of their customers are respectful to the staff, some are not quite so.

I would also like to say how proud we all are of the NHS and carers out in the community and in their care homes (thank you).

I would also like to thank you all at the Oxford Mail for your work to keep the news coming out to us.


Humber Close