LOTS of healthcare workers received nominations from grateful patients, family members and friends. Dr Antonio Cosimetti, who is a registrar in Geriatrics at the John Radcliffe, was nominated by Arun Joseph.

“He has been working continuously including some of the weekends on the frontline without complaining and of great cheer,” the nomination said. “He loves his patients and his job.”

Also working at the John Radcliffe is Trevor Bateman. His daughter Katie Bradbury wrote: “He is working on the frontline in the pharmacy department at the John Radcliffe hospital. He is delivering items to even the corona wards. A long standing NHS worker. never failing to show up! Thanks dad!”

Someone else who is proud of their parent is Eden Harris. Of his mum Vicki, he wrote: “She is a nurse in the Emergency Assessment Unit/Emergency Department at the JR and has been going to work all through the Covid-19 outbreak.  “She is the best mum, always has time to help me with my schoolwork and we always have fun together. Please mention her name, she works very hard.”

The staff at Little Pioneers nursery at the John Radcliffe also received lots of nominations. They are looking after the children of healthcare workers who are on the frontline during the coronavirus crisis.  Serena Rudman said: “My daughter works [at Little Pioneers], they are looking after the doctors’ and nurses’ children while they work the frontline. They are doing an amazing job.”

Christie Bennett said of the nursery staff: “They have not let their standards slip and are caring for children whose parents are at the front of Covid-19. They can’t social distance in their job; they are still wiping tears from faces and giving cuddles when the children are sad. All staff have been amazing and still walk round with smiles on their faces.”

Nominator Laura Kinch said: “Rhiannon Champion is an an inspiration to all young people - she’s a healthcare assistant and has been working so hard through this episode, despite the demons she herself faces. Keep going Rhiannon we are all so proud of you.”

Adele Frankum nominated Vicky Lattimore, who is a nurse  currently working at HMP Woodhill treating inmates who have coronavirus.  The nomination added: “She has also had the virus and is now back at work helping the sick. She’s not just a fantastic nurse but she’s a great godmother to my son, a great friend, and an amazing football coach.”

Proud mum Andria Hook wrote of her daughters: “Thank you to my daughters who work for the NHS. Kristi Knight who works for Frosts pharmacy, Marston and Kelly Marie Hook who works in Rowlands pharmacy, Summertown.

“They have worked very long hours during lockdown and it has taken a lot out of them. I’m so proud of them and love them very much.”

Kelly Ives Jones nominated a husband and wife duo working on the frontline. She said: “I would like to nominate Alex Jones and her husband David Marvin Jones. Alex has been delivering palliative care to patients dying of Covid-19. David is back working as a nurse in ICU.  “They are both amazing caring people who I am also lucky to have as neighbours. I have lots of respect for them both and very proud to call them my friends.”

A mum who has been forced to stay away from her young son as she works on the frontline has also been praised. 

Oxford Mail:

Catherine Thagie nominated Lisa George, saying: "She has left the family home to protect her little boy because he is at high risk due to a heart condition. She has been away from home for six weeks and is working with Covid-19 patients at the JR. She is currently living in hospital accommodation and is missing her son and family."