Dear sir,

What a shock to read your article 'Council staff earning more than £100k' in the Oxford Mail on April 22.

Quote: "At Oxfordshire County Council 2018-29, one employee earned more than £180,000" - double the wage of an MP.

What justifies these outrageous wages, when there have been cutbacks on many vital services in recent years, because the council say they haven't got the money?

If they didn't pay themselves such extortionate wages they could afford to help more people in the community who are in need.

I am absolutely disgusted by their greed, they should not be getting these kinds of wages.

Many working class people work very hard, long hours, and still struggle to get by.

I am ashamed to live in a country with such disproportionate wages.

There really needs to be a fairer society, this is just pure greed.

Yours sincerely

Christine Friend

Harwood Road

East Hagbourne