Dear Sirs,

I read with interest the article regarding the name of Lucy Harris being added to Witney War Memorial as a World War One casualty.

On August 16, 1940, RAF Brize Norton was attacked by two German aircraft. Bombs destroyed numbers one and 3 C-type hangars and a total of 46 aircraft destroyed or written off. It turned out to be the most spectacular attack on any British airfield during World War Two.

One civilian was killed and other civilians and RAF members injured. The civilian killed was Frederick Harden, aged 61, of 4 Schofield Avenue, Witney. I note that he is not listed on Witney War Memorial or mentioned in Jeff Clements' book on Witney War dead. Why?? Will Witney Town Council now add Harden's name to the war memorial?

Very few civilians were killed in pre-1947 Oxfordshire during World War Two and I believe there is only one civilian listed on a World War Two war memorial in the county - he was killed in an attack on Banbury on October 3, 1940.

On the same day as RAF Brize Norton was attacked, RAF Stanton Harcourt - under construction - was also attacked and six Irish civilian workmen were killed or died from their injuries. They are not listed on an Oxfordshire war memorial.

Surely Frederick Harden should be listed on Witney War Memorial.

Yours faithfully

John L Blakeman

Newland Close