A TALENTED 18-year-old student from Oxfordshire has made it to the final of the prestigious BBC Young Musician of the Year.

Alice Gore, who is a pupil at St Helen and St Katharine Independent Girls' Day School located near Abingdon, is known to be an 'extremely accomplished bassoonist' by her teachers and schoolmates.

The gifted teenager, who was the institution's head girl from the spring term in 2019 to this year's spring term, also plays the baritone saxophone and sings in the school's chapel choir.

This is why nobody from St Helen's was surprised when Alice was one of 25 accomplished instrumentalist who reached the finals of the major biennial event for musicians aged 18 or below organised by the national broadcaster.

She is one of five woodwind musicians to have made it to the final of one of the biggest talent competition.

The teenager who lives in Abingdon said: "I love playing the bassoon because it is more of an unusual instrument.

"It has such an amazing range, from very low to lovely and melodic high notes.

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"It is also both different and similar to the baritone saxophone, which means they fit well together and I can enjoy a different range of music genres on the saxophone.

Oxford Mail:

"Being in the category finals of a competition like this was so nerve-wracking but I loved the whole experience and just did my best."

The 18-year-old has been playing the bassoon ever since she was eight years old.

Previously, Alice was also a member of the Royal College of Music junior department, studying there for more than six years.

While the teenager is still practising playing the bassoon, she is currently focused on studying for her A-level exams.

However, many from St Helen's applauded the gifted teenager and her hard work.

Headmistress Mrs Rebecca Dougall said the whole school was proud of Alice's achievements.

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She said: "Alice contributes so much to the life of St Helen’s, both as last year’s head girl and as a brilliant student, and yet her creative side is never neglected.

"Her musical performances are always superb and we are extremely proud of her.

"In our eyes, she won the moment she reached the Woodwind final."

Alice performed at the Woodwind Final earlier in March at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, which will be broadcast on BBC Four later this year.

Ms Helena Rakowski, director of music at St Helen’s, is among those who have watched Alice’s musicality grow as she moved through the school.

She said: "What is wonderful about the way Alice plays is that her personality comes out in her music.

"She is so cheerful, creative and will chat to anyone in school, especially younger students who see her as a musical mentor figure."