I WAS so sorry to read of Gof Smith's death.

I knew him and his brother Steven as teenagers in Wantage - we were part of the young communicants guild from church in the early 1960s.

Gof was also a talented organist and was on my list of contacts (although rarely needed) for Faringdon Dance Club which I was the secretary of for many years, if I couldn't get a regular musician to play for us.

Even at 15, Gof was always willing to do his bit along with Steven – two thoroughly lovely lads I was proud to class as friends.

The fact that he became a first responder doesn't surprise me one bit.

He was also, as I recall, an extremely good 10 pin bowler, always helped our guild team to win on games nights.

RIP Gof, you were a lovely person who will be much missed.

My sincere thoughts to his family at this time.


Wenrisc Drive

Minster Lovell

It is sad to read that CHF might be demolished to be replaced by a community hub, it is an iconic land mark of the original Blackbird Leys estate. Most estates have a community centre for the community!

Also as far as I am aware there are other places for the community in Greater Leys and a leisure centre. The church needs to stay as it is, a place of worship. It is where I was christened 59 years ago and where I went to on a Tuesday evening in late 60s to a religious youth group. If the demolishing goes ahead what I want to ask is what will happen to the Mosaics that are mounted on the church? I am a parent of one of the Peers school children who were instrumental in designing and producing the two angels, in fact I have the original tracing of the angel that is standing up, as it was drawn by my daughter.

Please whatever the outcome of the churches decisions, can they be saved and returned to a place where they will still be admired within the community.


Alice Smith Square


Surely by now the government must have realised they were wrong to close garden centres.

In spring they are full of expensive stock which people with flower borders etc. need to brighten up their summer with colour and achievement.

Likewise, those of us who grow our own vegetables and valuable food need to buy plants and seeds.

Both of these activities are carried out in home gardens or allotments and, being healthy, outdoor and mainly solitary jobs, comply automatically with the two-metre spacing requirements.

The above purchases are mainly chosen and done outside – there can be no reason not to allow these businesses to trade for a month or so which would also keep them in business.

Likewise there are many people who have never been bothered with their gardens who now, with time on their hands, are marvelling at spring flowers and blossoms and can't wait to join in for the first time, if they were given the opportunity to buy plants, etc.

It's a total win, win situation health-wise, so come on government – it's for your benefit as well.

Where are our very silent local MPs when all essential rural industry needs support.


New Yatt Road