ONE FAMILY has been fined four times by police after driving 300 miles to see relatives during lockdown.

The driver was going between Bristol and London to see some family when police pulled them over on the motorway on Saturday evening. 

As well as making an unnecessary trip, when they could have video chatted instead - the driver was also busted for having no insurance and hogging the middle lane of the M4. 

Oxford Mail:

More from Thames Valley Police: 

Under strict lockdown rules, residents should only leave their homes under a list of very restricted purposes - like getting one hour of exercise or shopping for vital supplies. 

Taking to social media, Thames Valley Police officers said they had fined four people inside the car for breaking the rules. 

They added: "If the car had been involved in an accident this could have put further strain on the NHS and other emergency services.

"Please don’t make unnecessary journeys so we can protect the NHS and stop the spread of Coronavirus.

"Thank you to the majority of you who are staying at home and saving lives."