MORE than 6,300 wash bags have been made for frontline staff in Oxfordshire to limit the risk of infection from the coronavirus.

Hundreds of crafters have joined together to make the bags, which have been distributed to hospitals, care homes, community nurses and paramedics.

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Mel Evetts, one of the organisers, said the UK Crafters - Oxfordshire and Central Hub group was originally created during the Australian bush fires crisis and had moved on to helping local causes before the pandemic.

Oxford Mail:

She said: “We were approached at the end of March by frontline workers about making the bags and put it out to the group who said ‘absolutely we can’.

"They’re not PPE but mean NHS staff can put their clothes straight into the bag and then into the washing machine to reduce the risk.”

Ms Evetts said the response has been ‘phenomenal’ with their Facebook group going from 400 members to 2,300.

She explained: “Some of those are people from other parts of the country taking inspiration from what we are doing which is great.

Oxford Mail:

“I think it’s a really practical way for people to help on top of staying at home.”

She added for many it was a small way of saying thank you and was also an activity families could do together.


Measures to ensure safety include the bags, which are posted, being washed at 60C or higher, then put in a zip locked bag for 72 hours before use.

Oxford Mail:

For full details of how to get involved join the Facebook group or for those seeking a bigger challenge there is a also an Oxfordshire Crafters for Scrubs group, which was created last week.

Crafters have already sent out 20 pairs with requests for another 150 so far.