Dear Editor,

Surely by now the government must have realised they were wrong to close garden centres.

In spring they are full of expensive stock which people with flower borders etc. need to brighten up their summer with colour and achievement.

Likewise, those of us who grow our own vegetables and valuable food need to buy plants and seeds.

Both of these activities are carried out in home gardens or allotments and, being healthy, outdoor and mainly solitary jobs, comply automatically with the two-metre spacing requirements.

The above purchases are mainly chosen and done outside – there can be no reason not to allow these businesses to trade for a month or so which would also keep them in business.

Likewise there are many people who have never been bothered with their gardens who now, with time on their hands, are marvelling at spring flowers and blossoms and can't wait to join in for the first time, if they were given the opportunity to buy plants, etc.

It's a total win, win situation health-wise, so come on government – it's for your benefit as well.

Where are our very silent local MPs when all essential rural industry needs support.

Brian Gorton

New Yatt Road