Wouldn’t we all be in a right old mess if not for our angels, the NHS?

It’s times like this, when it’s blatantly clear – without these heroes, some wouldn’t be here.

It’s a wake up call, just hope, not too late – a round of applause, every Thursday at eight

Doesn’t seem enough to me, for all that they do, and it’s so very little, what they ask of you.

Please stay indoors and let others live: it should be an unquestionable gift you should give.

It’s the friendliest war we’ve ever fought, a lesson for the future, perhaps will be taught:

Wars aren’t always fought with bullets and bombs, cigar-smoking Churchills and Vera Lynne songs

They’re now fought with chemicals and manmade mistakes: we HAVE to pull together - for all our sakes

The world outside couldn’t look any meaner – hands and nails, though, have never been cleaner!

So, keep wearing masks and also the gloves, let the angels do their magic – be safe, my loves.

Kim Hicks

Evans Lane