AN Oxford office cleaning company has launched guidance for everyone now working from home to help guard against bacteria on computer equipment.

With the UK on Covid-19 lockdown, awareness of hygiene regimes including hand washing, has heightened.

Ben Manton, of office cleaning specialists Savvy Facilities Management, is providing advice on how to maintain a cleaner desktop regime.

He said: “We’ve experienced an increase in inquiries for our office deep-clean and desktop IT cleaning services.

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“It got me thinking and I thought it would be helpful to share some simple tips as widely as possible to help people working from home during Covid-19.”

Research has previously revealed the average desk contains 400 more germs than on a toilet seat.

While it is not known how long Covid-19 can live on objects, viruses generally live longer on non-porous surfaces such as metals and plastics, according to Mr Manton, meaning phones and keyboards are particularly rife with germs.

He has advised people working from home to take precautions to improve their safety.

Mr Manton said: “People are washing their hands more frequently which is vital, but many then handle a dirty phone or laptop and then touch their face, which is a potential route to infection.

“You’d be amazed at the number of harmful germs and bacteria that form on everyday office desktop items and it’s important people clean them; more so now than ever.

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“It’s essential that people who regularly use computers and phones are aware of how quickly common germs can develop and how to prevent it.”

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