A BICESTER family are trying to lift the spirits of others in the town by adorning pathways with rainbows.

The Shakespeare family have been painting the colours on the ground around popular walking routes in their housing estate Kingsmere.

Father-of-four Jay Shakespeare, 40, said: “We had seen some things on local Facebook groups about rainbows in windows and thought we’d paint one outside our house.

Oxford Mail:

"Then we thought, why not make a stencil and paint more around our local walks so more people could enjoy them.”

Mr Shakespeare posted the photos on Facebook and people have noticed them while on their walks, saying it has brightened up their day.

Amy Holley commented: “My son was absolutely over the moon to see these on the floor on our walk today - put a big smile on his face.”

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Mr Shakespeare’s four children Ruby, 13, Kai, 11, Esme, eight, and Leo, six, all took part in painting the rainbows.

His partner Anastasija, 34, also helped out and, after losing count of how many they painted, the family has set a challenge for others to try and find and count them all.

People around the world are painting rainbows on their windows as part of an international campaign called Chase the Rainbow.

Oxford Mail:

The symbol is supposed to be a reminder that there is hope in difficult times.

With the current lockdown restrictions in place, the Shakespeares have been trying to make the situation work for them.

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Mr Shakespeare said: “It’s been a bit of readjustment for the children having to spend more time at home but they get on well.

“They have been a bit concerned about how they will get their homework in to their teachers and when will they see their friends and we have also had to learn the online classrooms workings and try and teach vulnerable grandparents how to use video calling which has been a mission.

“We’ve played a lot of games and tried to make home schooling as varied as possible but it is hard with my partner now furloughed and me now working from home.”