'Contentious' plans have been re-submitted to build a 59,000-strong chicken farm near Bicester.

The free-range chicken farm - almost 1.5 times bigger than Wembley Stadium football pitch - would be built in Lower Arncott.

Put forward by W Potters & Sons (Poultry), plans include a profiled metal-clad poultry building, gatehouse, house, garage and access off Palmers Avenue - a route villagers say is used as a 'rat-run'.

It received a huge backlash from villagers last August who were strongly against it.

More than 50 letters of objection were sent to the council including objections from Arncott Parish Council, Blackthorn Parish Council, Piddington Parish Council, and Ambrosden Parish Council.

But before the application went to the planning committee, the applicant withdrew.

Cherwell planning officers said this may have been because they had read the report from the case officer which recommended refusal and ‘didn’t want the hassle’.

A main concern that residents had was that chicken faeces would cause an ‘extremely unpleasant and offensive’ smell in the neighbourhood.

Previous plans stated that 14 tonnes of waste will be removed from the building every 10 days.

However, the Environment Agency says the predicted odour levels at the nearest residential properties will be below its benchmark and so Cherwell District Council's environment protection team has no objection to the application on odour grounds.

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Another problem raised was that the pasture will be created within an area which often floods, and as a result faeces and pollutants from that area could potentially run into the nearby River Ray.

Just three consultants have submitted letters so far including Natural England which does not object to the proposal.

Lee Savidge, from Arncott Parish Council, still remains against the farm.

He is the first to submit an objection letter to Cherwell where he presents eleven problems that he has identified with the plan.

He commented: "I personally object to this application as a resident within Arncott. There are three other poultry production units in the area already and demand for this development is unwarranted as the others will supply enough without this being built.

"The smell within the village and parish will be awful and subject to prevailing winds could present a constant problem.

"Dust from feed during the summer months will also be a problem depending on the prevailing winds."

He added: "I certainly object to the proposal to put a residential house on the site as this opens up future applications to close the site and reapply to make the entire site a residential housing estate." For more details search 20/00871/F on cherwell.gov.uk.