AN ANONYMOUS health care worker has been left red faced after complaining on Facebook that an Indian food takeaway wouldn't give her a free meal.

The post on the Spotted: Didcot Facebook page said: "FYI: Indian Dream offers free NHS meal for NURSES only not for HEALTH CARE ASSISTANTS.

"Went there nice and early this afternoon only to find that out that I was not eligible for it! Told them to make it clear next time as not only nurses who work for the NHS! Was looking forward for that free meal first time and thought I have done my job well to save lives as a health care assistant, clearly not for Indian Dream!"

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They added: "Still thoughtful of them to give free food."

Oxford Mail:

But more than 100 people commented on the post, with most people – also key workers – saying they would not expect free food.

One person said: "I'm a postie...also a key worker...but I wouldn't expect free food."

Another added: "I work on the railway, me and my colleagues are working 24/7 seven days a week to keep people who need to travel, moving.

"We are also key workers, but we do not expect free food."

The owner of the restaurant commented on the post urging people to be kinder to each other 'like brothers and sisters'.