Dear Sir,

Re. Vale of White Horse District Council working on its new Local Plan,

Don't the council members realise that the country is going through the most serious emergency any of us have ever known, and the Government is committing billions to try and keep the economy going which at the moment, with money pledged, will take over 15 years of austerity to pay off the debt pile?

Yet the council think it's appropriate to waste time and money on talking about a plan that nobody in this country has any idea of how it could possibly be implemented till the Government knows what the final cost to the nation will be.

Put off any vanity planning discussions save the money and use it to help the community.

I don't want to hear from them 'Well we are planning for five years time' – do they know something that nobody in Government knows yet – what the final cost to the nation will be?

Remember, councillors – it is our money that you are spending

Edward Collins

Abingdon Road