THIRTEEN Oxfordshire police officers faced misconduct hearings this year and in 2019, after serious claims against them were investigated.

Seven of those officers were fired on the spot and told they could never reapply for jobs in Thames Valley Police again.

One officer was proved innocent, some had written warnings and others quit before anything was proven.

Here is the full list of the Oxfordshire police officers who faced a misconduct hearing in 2019 and 2020, so far:

  • PC Oliver Osborne attacked a security guard at Thirst nightclub in March last year.

The off-duty constable was being ushered out of the club by the guard who took him by the arm.

But instead of leaving gracefully PC Osborne grabbed him by the collar and pushed him away – breaking his necklace in the process.

PC Osborne, who was based at Oxford police station, resigned in August.

But a misconduct hearing last Wednesday over the phone – because of coronvirus lockdown – heard that had he still been employed he would have been given a written warning or management advice.

This item is currently subject to a complaint.

  • In November last year an officer was fired when it came to light that he had abused his ex-partner.

The constable, whose name was not mentioned, to protect his victim, subjected his partner to domestic abuse – sending them threats and intimidating them with violence over a long period of time - making them sick with worry and scared.

He was dismissed without any notice and then put on the barred list from applying to any other roles in the police again.

Read his misconduct hearing in full here.

  • In November another police officer, whose name was not released, was given some management advice after failing to manage the paperwork and exhibits for an investigation well.
  • A police officer was given a written warning in September after sending unsolicited messages and sexually explicit videos to somebody he knew.

The police officer, who is also anonymous, was found guilty of discreditable conduct.

  • A police officer who failed to tell his team that he had a personal interest in an investigation was told he could never work for the force again.

In July the officer was found guilty of not declaring his relationship with a person involved in a case he was investigating.

He then carried out enquiries on behalf of the person, checking the confidential police systems for them.

When he finally admitted his interest he still didn’t tell the full truth.

He was found guilty of most of the policing code including 'Honesty and Integrity' and 'Discreditable Conduct' and he was fired on the spot.

  • An investigation was thrown out in June after a lack of evidence.

It was alleged that the officer in question failed to take proactive steps to see if somebody they had arrested had anything in his mouth. It was not proven.

  • In May a special constable David Parkin – who was not paid for the role – appeared in the dock of Oxford Crown Court after being caught with three extreme pornographic images.

He admitted the charges, and was told he could never work for TVP again – as a volunteer or not.

Read his misconduct hearing in full here.

  • PC James Blowers caused a serious crash on his way to an emergency by driving at 90mph in a 60mph zone.

The officer, who was based in Didcot, was in a marked car and was racing to a call for violence when he crashed into two other cars – leaving three people in hospital with serious injuries.

The roads were wet at the time.

He was given ‘management advice’ – Read his misconduct hearing in full here.

  • In April a sergeant was fired after it was proven that he touched a female colleague inappropriately.

The officer also made sexual comments towards her and persistently made unwanted contact during a six-month period.

He resigned during the hearing, but his name has been put on the barred list anyway.

  • A retiring cop who claimed he couldn’t work because of a back injury was caught doing a karate.

In March it was heard that the officer and gone off sick in May 2018 and was only able to work certain hours and do certain duties.

He said he wouldn’t be able to fight or restrain anybody and was not going to gym.

But two months later he was seen doing a karate at a grading session where he needed to do high kicks and wacky moves and was moving around normally.

He was also spotted moving heavy items of furniture.

He was found to be lying and despite retiring during the proceedings was put on the barred list.

  • PC Alan Russell was caught having sex on duty.

The Abingdon-based PC resigned from the force, but didn’t show up to a legal-bounding misconduct hearing in February last year.

He was put on the blacklist too.

Read his misconduct hearing in full here.

  • In February 2019 another officer was blacklisted after his body hair sample tested positive for cocaine.

He had been applying for a job in a different force so had to send a hair sample for routine drugs testing, which tested positive for cocaine, a Class A drug.

He resigned from his police work during the proceedings.

  • Another constable based at the police HQ in Kidlington carried out checks on police databases for a non-policing purpose.

At a misconduct hearing in January last year were given a final written warning.

Complaints and alleged wrong-doings are investigated by the force and outside bodies at misconduct hearings – where the accused is able to give their version of events in front of a legal team and their bosses.

They are public hearings and details are published on the Thames Valley Police website.