WITH the vast majority of the public at home in lockdown, either working remotely or looking after children, police are encouraging people to review their home security.

Thames Valley Police is asking the public to identify and record details of valuables using the Immobilise National Property Register.

The online tool is a free and secure property register, with over 34 million items recorded to date.

Once an account is created on the website, serial numbers can be updated, in addition to make and model details for everything from power tools to mobile phones and bicycles.

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Thames Valley Police said that by using the website, it helps simplify insurance claims and aids police in identifying owners of recovered property, through certificates of ownership.

If an item of registered property is lost or stolen, it can be reported to Immobilise via the online account.

The information is then made available nationally to all major UK police forces through their online systems.

If the registered property is recovered, the police or Immobilise will contact the owner and inform them of its location.

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Immobilise says there are hundreds of cases a week where property is returned or information collected that assists police in investigating criminal activity involving stolen goods.

The website also has useful tips about security marking different types of property and crime prevention advice in general.

Register your property free, by visiting immobilise.com