A DRIVER has written off his car after a massive bug flew through the window and distracted him.

He was on his way to walk the dog TEN miles away from his home and despite strict lockdown rules had his three friends joining him for the ride.

Oxford Mail:

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Police, firefighters and paramedics all raced to the crash – which left the car with a shattered wind screen, burst tyre and crumpled bonnet.

Sharing pictures of the disaster Thames Valley Police roads policing said it was ‘clearly an avoidable journey’.

Oxford Mail:

The bug, which is big and brown, died.

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TVP Roads Policing explained: “Driver of this [car emoji] crashed on the B4009 in Thatcham die to a large bug flying in! They were driving TEN miles from home to walk their [dog emoji], 3 friends in [car emoji]. Discharged [police, ambulance and fire truck emoji] attended. Clearly an avoidable journey!”

Oxford Mail: