Can you name these 21 Oxfordshire locations and landmarks just from aerial photos?

All these pictures, taken from Google Maps, show beautiful Oxfordshire as its bucolic best.

But with all the helpful labels removed, can still you recognise the places we know so well from the ground?

Test your local knowledge by looking out for landmarks. Good luck!

(Answers below).

1. An historic market town with a fool on the hill?

Oxford Mail:


2. An international sort-of place, definitely worth a flying visit:

Oxford Mail:


3. A good place to go for a wild life!

Oxford Mail:


4. ...and a place that is a little less wild - at least by name:

Oxford Mail:


5. Look closely enough and the answer's right in front of you!

Oxford Mail:


6. Want to have a guess?

Oxford Mail:


7. Move here and you'll definitely be part of a set:

Oxford Mail:


8. This may just look like a hill, but it's our most famous one...

Oxford Mail:


9. People might think it's just the village, but it's so much more...

Oxford Mail:


10. Get on board!

Oxford Mail:


11. Can you name this popular riverside pub?

Oxford Mail:


12. It sounds like this town has a key:

Oxford Mail:


13. It is plain when you look in the middle:

Oxford Mail:


14. There's some diamond geezers work here:

Oxford Mail:


15. This is almost like Where's Wally:

Oxford Mail:


16. How was this photo taken?

Oxford Mail:


17. No clue - this one's already too easy:

Oxford Mail:


18. Come on, keep guessing:

Oxford Mail:


19. Oxfordshire's little ray of sunshine - very dear indeed...

Oxford Mail:


20. The history of this place is a bit woolly...

Oxford Mail:


21. And finally, this one's just for the hardcore fans:

Oxford Mail:


So - how did you get on?

1. Faringdon - including the famous Folly tower on the hill

2. Carterton and RAF Brize Norton air base

3. Cotswold Wildlife Park - look closely and you can see the animals!

4. Thame

5. Blenheim Palace maze

6. Wantage

7. Chipping Norton

8. White Horse Hill, Uffington

9. Bicester

10. Didcot

11. The Perch at Binsey - with Port Meadow just over the Thames

12. Banbury (including the Castle Quay shopping centre)

13. Oxford! Including the Plain roundabout, centre

14. Harwell Science Campus, including the Dimaond Light Source ring

15. Wallingford

16. Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

17. Blackbird Leys, Oxford

18. Abingdon-on-Thames

19. Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir restaurant, Great Milton

20. Witney - famous for its historic wool trade

21. Newspaper House - the Oxford Mail's office and print works. Beautiful, isn't it?


Thanks for playing!