POLICE have deleted a Facebook post after conflicting messages about driving to beauty spots.

The force made a U-turn on its decision to post pictures of leaflets that were being pinned to car windows parked in Faringdon.

The flyers asked drivers "why are you here today?" before explaining that "government restrictions do not permit people to drive to get exercise".

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But there is a grey area about driving in Boris Johnson’s lockdown rules, which only lets citizens go outside for an hour a day.

People are also allowed out of their homes for ‘very limited purposes’ like going to work if they can’t do so at home, or going shopping for vital supplies.

New powers have been granted to the police to fine or arrest those who ignore the rules.

In some parts of the country, police officers have been criticised for being heavy-handed and not making the right call in enforcing the rules.

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Now Thames Valley Police has taken down the post, which was uploaded by a "well-meaning" officer because it "was not an endorsed message".

In a now deleted post, the Thames Valley Police South Oxon and Vale of White Horse team said: “On behalf of Faringdon NHPT, we will be conducting regular patrols around the local beauty spots and placing this advisory leaflet on vehicles to encourage members of the public to comply with the government restrictions about leaving your home. Thank you for your understanding and patience on the matter.”

The notices added: “The government restrictions currently in place do not permit you use your vehicle to travel to this location to exercise.

“Each and every one of us has been instructed to avoid all unnecessary travel. You are entitled to exercise once daily. This should be walking, running or cycling etc from your home address. You should not be driving to a location away from your home to carry this out.

“Please refrain from all unnecessary travel until the restrictions placed upon us all to tackle the coronavirus pandemic have been rescinded. We appreciate your cooperation at this time.”

Oxford Mail:

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “The reason this post was taken down was because it was not part of Thames Valley Police’s policy.

But at TVP officers have been told to use their 'common sense'.

Oxford Mail:

He said: “This was a well-meaning post from a member of staff from the Faringdon team, but was not an endorsed message, and so the decision was made to remove it to avoid any misunderstanding. These are new guidelines, and Thames Valley Police has been greatly encouraged by the response of the local community in these difficult times and would like to thank the public.”