Lockdown has not stopped the Oxford Mail Camera Club from getting some brilliant snaps this week.

With pictures from the back garden, living room and from the daily walk, the snaps for this week’s theme of ‘self-isolation’ are brilliant.

Camera Club have proved you do not need to wonder far to get a good picture. Christian Barrett and Ian White have both captured the beautiful wildlife in their garden with their snap shots of birds.

The streets have been deserted and Alan Flash Coleman has taken advantage and sent in a great picture of Oxford standing still.

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Gordon Craig has taken a great snap of a very long and isolated road on an isolated walk in Shipton under Wychwood. His picture makes it look like there is nothing for miles.

Vanessa Brow sent in a picture that she took before the lockdown of a very empty and isolated Rhossili bay in the Gower.

Howie Crook captured a picturesque sunset and Bob Girling took a picture of the stars in the night sky.

James Window has sent in a picture which illustrates how many of us are feeling cooped up in our homes. His picture shows him pining for the outside world as the trees reflect on his kitchen window.

Some people are loving life indoors. Pam Denton sent in a picture of Winnie-the-Pooh having a great time treating himself while he relaxes in bed.

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Meanwhile, Natalie Luck’s cat has seen no change in its daily life and has been continuing to sleep the days away.

Marian Payne, on day 16 of self-isolation took a picture of the living room camp out.

Luck Magoo has sent in a snap of daughter’s Ella and Keeva holding their hopeful rainbow to brighten everyone’s spirits.

Nothing has stopped Becca Collacott from taking pretty flower pictures from inside her home and Martin Pritchard has taken snap shots of his garden flowers.

The winner of this week’s Oxford Mail Camera Club will be announced tomorrow. The theme for next week’s competition is ‘garden nature’. Post your entries to the Camera Club Facebook page.