SHOPPERS queuing down the street, desperately hoping to grab as much as possible, eyeing each other suspiciously.

It all sounds very familiar, but these shoppers were certainly not keeping two metres apart.

This was the scene outside Next in Cornmarket Street, Oxford, on Saturday, December 28, 2002, as bargain hunters lined up down the street for the post-Christmas sales.

If the customers' fashion choices didn't give away the year, you could tell how old this photo is not only by the Next in Cornmarket, but by the Virgin Megastore next door.

In those dying days of high street music shops, both Virgin and HMV directly opposite had two-storey stores which were always full on weekends.

Top of the pops that week in the UK chart were a new pop group, Girls Aloud, with their single Sound of the Underground.

The Cheeky Girls' infamous single Cheeky (Touch Me Bum) was down to number three, with Eminem's Lose Yourself at number 5.

The shot was taken by the Oxford Mail's award-winning and veteran photographer George Reszeter, who sadly passed away in 2018.