THREE Oxfordshire councils have now suspended speciality bin collections.

This week, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils have suspended their kerbside service collecting small electrical items, batteries and textiles for recycling.

This is because the recycling centres for these items are unable to accept them for processing due to staff shortages caused by illness and social distancing.

Vale and SODC have issued a warning to residents: “Please do NOT put unwanted or broken electrical items or batteries in the general refuse (rubbish) or recycling as they can cause a fire in the bin trucks.”

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Last week, Oxford City Council stopped collecting brown garden waste bins because of its ‘response to a national emergency’.

The move has allowed staff to be redeployed to help keep essential services running, including helping vulnerable people, taking part in food distribution and supporting homeless people.

An increasing number of council and contractor staff are being affected by the coronavirus.

Domestic waste collections will continue.