THE mysterious ‘yarnbomber’ has struck again in Chipping Norton - this time with a message of positivity for the town during these difficult times.

The yarnbomber has achieved notoriety in the West Oxfordshire town and their latest stunt is one for all of us to take note from.

Marc West, the photographer who snapped this photo, said: “Chipping Norton always has a wonderful community atmosphere and that’s been heightened during these testing times.

“The town’s mysterious yarnbomber last struck on Valentine’s Day - decorating door handles with hundreds of hand-stitched red hearts.

“This cheerful crochet in Market Place will no doubt raise all our spirits every time we pass it on our once daily exercise outing.”

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The town’s yarnbomber has been in operation for over 10 years and marks significant dates or events with yarn celebrations.

Armistice Day has been marked with woollen poppies in the town, whilst Halloween has previously been celebrated with bright orange pumpkins attached to lampposts.

Although the identity of the yarnbomber is believed to be known to some, to many it remains a mystery.

Yarnbombing, or urban knitting as it is also known, is a type of street art that uses knitted or crocheted yarn to create colourful designs.

The practise is believed to have originated in Texas up to 15 years ago, and has since become a worldwide phenomenon.