ENVIRONMENTAL activists remained resilient in the face of another global crisis and moved their efforts 'online' as planned school strikes fell victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pupils across the county who were set to march onto the street of Oxford on April 3 will instead take part in an international digital climate strike.

Campaigners will take to social media to post in support of the strike, and will include a personal message or piece of media using the hashtags #OnlineClimateStrike, #DigitalStrike4Climate and #DigitalStrikeOxford.

Oxford Youth Strike activists said: "It is essential to the success of such a strike that as many people as possible post on their social media pages, since we have lost the massive pressure we could apply on the street.

"Now more than ever, with as much time as many are now spending in self-isolation, it’s super easy to get involved.

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Students announced plans to postpone their march through the centre of the city earlier in March when the government banned large group gatherings.

Since then, however, they have not abandoned their efforts to highlight the global climate emergency.

One 18-year-old pupil Joe Johns said: "In this chaotic time, we must keep our focus on what is ahead.

The pandemic, no matter how awful its fallout, will pass; but the breakdown of our climate and ecosystem will mean, quite literally, the end of the world.

"We are already too far down that road to make mistakes – our planet’s future will be impacted by any action you take, or fail to take."