HE is known as the motor-mouthed presenter of presenter of car show Grand Tour and, before that, Top Gear, but Jeremy Clarkson is now doing his bit to help feed the nation.

Having invited shoppers to “panic buy” from the farm shop at his Diddly Squat farm, at Chadlington, near Chipping Norton last week, the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ presenter has now moved the operation to this eye-catching filing cabinet beside a country lane.

He is selling potatoes and eggs at a reasonable rate – with all veg going for 15p a piece.

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The spud locker was spotted by photographer Marc West, who lives nearby. He said: “I stumbled across this in Chadlington when on my daily exercise allowance.

Oxford Mail:

Picture by Marc West

“Jezza is well-known for his ever-humorous approach to life. In these testing times, a little comic relief will no doubt do us some good.

“Sadly I was unable to take advantage of his bargain prices as contactless payment wasn’t available!”

If you live nearby, and are tempted, don’t expect to see the presenter. He last week unveiled his own tough rules for shoppers, saying: ‘no selfies’, ‘no cash’ and ‘no getting out of the car’.

He wrote: “Only potatoes on offer. Panic buyers welcome. Don’t get out of your car.... maintain minimum safe distance, it’s cash only. And no you can’t have a f***ing selfie.”

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Mr Clarkson this week urged councils to end restrictions on car drivers, saying it would help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

He said: “Councils should lift parking bans so people who have to work can drive rather than use a bus.

He added: “If you need to go to work, or the shops, you should drive. And parking restrictions and the congestion charge should be removed.”