Stuck in lockdown, indoors and definitely unable to throw a party is probably not how most people envisaged celebrating their springtime birthday.

So, in an effort to revive the party vibes, over the past week the Oxford Mail asked readers to share their birthday greetings to friends and families.

We got so many beautiful messages, we thought we would share a few of them here.

Dianne Stafford sent her birthday message to Jean Morgan, who turned 81 on Wednesday.

She wrote: “The family of Les and Jean Morgan would like to wish them both a very happy birthday whilst self-isolating. Leslie celebrated his 82nd birthday on March 13 and Jean will be celebrating her 81st birthday on March 25. We look forward to celebrating with a glass or two of Champagne in the not too distant future. Love from Dianne & Nick, Laura and Sam, Lyla & Gracie and Luke & Maria.”

Oxford Mail:

Mari Alvaro sent in a birthday massage to 18-year-old Aliyah.

She wrote: “This little girl is 18 today. Sadly, we postpone her celebration due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, enjoy your day baby girl Aliyah. We love you. Better safe than sorry, don’t worry it’s just postponed not cancelled”

Oxford Mail:

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One mother wished her son a happy birthday and wrote: “It’s Alfie’s 7th birthday on the March 29, Happy 7th birthday Alf. Lots of love, Mum and Dad.”

Oxford Mail:

NHS staff have been working around the clock to help our country get through the coronavirus crisis, and one reader sent in their gratitude with a birthday message to her friend Kim West.

She wrote: “Happy birthday Kim. Thank you so much for everything you do for us and working so hard for the NHS. We are sorry that we cannot celebrate properly but once this is all over then we will have an even bigger party for you. We will have a lovely Facetime today to celebrate. Hope you have a lovely day too.”

Oxford Mail:

Edmund Gonzales wrote a lovely message to his wife.

He said: “Happy birthday to my lovely wife, I know that these have been trying times, and I feel sad that we cannot celebrate with family, but we will make up for it once this is over, I love you so much.”

Sasha Holliday wished her two sons happy birthday.

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Sharing a photo she wrote: “This is Leo and Nolen who share their birthday on the March 25. Happy 7th birthday Leo and happy 3rd birthday Nolen. Lots of love Mummy (Sasha) and Daddy (Daniel).”

One mother sent a caring and heart-warming message to her daughter.

She wrote: “To my beautiful 14-year young girl. Your birthday will still be amazing because you are amazing. No matter what the universe throws at us! We can handle it, with love Mom.”

Oxford Mail:

Helena Sroulevich reminisced to a time when you could just jump on a plane and travel. She wrote: “It could have been another amazing day in Berlin, Madrid or Helsinki (at Kaivopuisto, drinking a Lokero) but, Rico and Petteri, we should keep to ourselves. Sending you much love on your birthday.”

Thank you for all the birthday messages that have helped put a smile on all our faces.