AS the coronavirus lockdown continues, this entire family have been doing their bit to make sure self-isolating residents are still able to get their Oxford Mail every day.

Teenagers Kyle and Jamie Emberton have been delivering papers in Headington for months, but recently they got mum Rebecca and dad Gavin helping out as well.

Mrs Emberton explained: "One gentleman who does one of the rounds is self-isolating for 14 days so Gavin and I are stepping in to help out.

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"We had been filling in as and when we were needed since December, and normally we have three rounds between us, but now we’ve developed this fourth one, which means we’ve got a round each.

"Between us we fill in the whole of Sandhills and Headington."

Mrs Emberton pointed out the importance of delivering the newspaper to vulnerable residents.

She said: “Delivering the Oxford Mail is important because it keeps the elderly informed and keeps everyone together.

“People stuck indoors need to know the news, they need to know what’s going on.

Oxford Mail:

“You’re doing a service for them and these people are receiving information.

“There’s also the puzzles in there, and it’s about making sure people know they are not alone as someone is coming to their door."

She added: “The boys face all weathers and have never missed a day.

“Jamie broke his wrist a few weeks ago but he’s still going out on his bike – nothing stops them.

“He’s still got his cast on but he’s doing his rounds.”

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And it’s not just newspapers the family are delivering.

Mrs Emberton said that one of the family's regular customers recently told them he could use some extra food, so they happily added the groceries to his usual delivery.

There are further positives to the paper round, too, as Mrs Emberton said the family are all getting their daily exercise.

They leave the house at the same time, and arrive back at staggered times during the morning.

Kyle, 15, was the first to take on a paper round and has been doing so since the end of the summer holidays.

He is also a referee for the Oxford Mail Youth Football League.

Jamie, 14, started his paper round in November and plays for a local team.

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Mrs Emberton joked: “Kyle has refereed a couple of Jamie’s games now and he’s always on his best behaviour, there’s certainly no back-chatting the referee in those games.”

Mr Emberton is a painter and decorator by trade, whilst Mrs Emberton is a team leader at the White Horse pub in Headington.

She said that the pub is offering its car park for free to NHS workers during the current outbreak.

Like many families recently, the Embertons have had the worry of GCSE grades.

Kyle recently completed his studies at Cheney School and the family were ‘very stressed and anxious with Kyle’s school situation’ with results based on predicted grades and mocks.

Hopefully his dedication to his job will bolster his CV.