SCIENTISTS in Oxford want healthy people to sign up as Guinea pigs for a potential coronavirus vaccine.

If successful then the vaccine will help protect people against Covid-19.

The World Health Organisation declared the virus a pandemic after it emerged from Wuhan in China and swept through the world, claiming thousands of lives.

In February Oxford scientists said they were working on a new vaccine, after hundreds of scientists around the world stepped-up their efforts to develop one against Covid-19.

The researchers will select 510 volunteers. Of those, 260 will be vaccinated will a synthetic version of the virus which will prime the immune system to attack it the real thing later infects the body.

The volunteers will feedback any symptoms or side-effects they get in visits to Oxford University labs.

Anybody who is between 18 and 55 can sign up, but they have to live in the Thames Valley area – which covers Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

They must not be pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, have tested positive for Covid-19 or have taken part in any other vaccine trials before.

They will be compensated for their time and will get £190 to £625 in cash depending on how long they take part in the trial.

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The perks include the joy of helping develop a vaccine to stop the deadly spread of the disease as well as a full medial exam.

However, volunteers have been warned that they could have flu-like symptoms for around two days after being injected.

They will also have to have blood tests as part of the trial so the usual pain, bruising and ‘sharp scratches’ should be expected.

Volunteers can opt-out at anytime without a reason, but the cash payment will only be given to those who finish the six-month trial.

To complete a pre-assessment form and sign up visit