Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and as the country practised social distancing, many did not have the chance to see their mum.

Nevertheless, the Oxford Mail Camera Club carried on and posted some brilliant pictures in keeping with our ‘Mother’s Day’ theme.

Many Camera Club contributors sent in pictures of springtime animals with their mums or even sent in pictures of past holidays.

Bob Girling sent in a funny picture with a very important message: a mother and daughter keeping their distance on Mother’s Day.

Denise Gurden, meanwhile, sent in a picture of her son and said she is worried as he is stuck in New Zealand and unable to get home.

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Ian White sent virtual flowers to his mum on Sunday while Donna Cassettari planted her flowers given to her as a gift.

Ann Faulkner shared a very colourful snap of her daughter and granddaughter eating rainbow cake on Mothering Sunday.

Some Camera Club members sent in memories and Rajiv Sanhotra sent in a picture of his wife with his son and daughter-in-law in Saville in 2017.

Springtime animals also celebrated the maternal occasion.

Allen Danfald sent in a picture of a mother and baby deer in Sunninghill and Dunkan Becker captured a great picture of a lamb with its mother catching the rays on a sunny day.

Sarah Wade has taken a very creative picture of some flowers because, well – mums like flowers.

Michael Nottage has taken a beautiful picture of a mother and baby horse on the meadow.

Becca Collacott brilliantly captured a mother swan and her cygnets on a walk through the grass.

The winner of this week’s ‘Mother’s Day’ Oxford Mail Camera Club will be announced in tomorrow’s paper.

Next week’s challenge will require some extra creativity: with the country still on lockdown, our new camera club theme is – what else? – ‘self-isolation’.

Already Camera Club members have been taking pictures in their gardens and bringing colour and hope through photography.

Post your entries to the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page.