DOMINO'S staff claim they are still working in close proximity to colleagues as their kitchens continue to prepare deliveries.

Workers at the pizza chain have raised concerns that they are not able to adhere to social distancing rules, to keep safe from Covid-19.

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The coronavirus lockdown has seen all non-essential businesses shut down, but takeaway and food delivery services are still allowed to operate.

Some major fast food outlets including McDonald's have completely closed, but others are still running a reduced service in line with the rules.

Yesterday a video was posted on Twitter, showing colleagues preparing pizzas in an Oxford branch.

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Sport physiotherapist Nick Beale, who posted the video, said he was 'disgusted' to see eight workers inside the 'tiny' space.

One Domino's employee, who asked not to be named, told the Oxford Mail: "The store [I work at] is too small to guarantee a two metre gap at all times and they are not essential [business].

"They should be closed until further notice."

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Another Oxford Mail reader, who also asked not to be named, said he has friends who work in some of the fast food chains that remain open, including Domino's. 

He said: "Workers to go into tiny kitchens where they can’t guarantee the right distance between one another.

"It’s easy for one member to go in sick not know and spread the virus to everyone else - it’s impossible to stay well away from the rest of the staff at all times."

Other employees have taken to Twitter to share their concerns.

One said: "Absolute joke!! I’m one of your workers and your expecting us to stay open and put ourselves at risk of getting infected and bringing it back to our families!"

Another tweeted: "As a worker who has people in my family that fall under the at risk catagory, I feel like we need to close because I can just about breathe in my store. This is just putting us at risk."

Domino's has said that it is issuing clear guidelines to its store teams about the government's advice.

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A spokesperson told the Oxford Mail: "Our priority is the safety of our colleagues and customers. 

"We are working closely with our store teams and have implemented clear processes to ensure distance is maintained between colleagues working together in store.

"We have moved to Contact Free Delivery only and have stopped our collection service. We’ve also increased sanitisation, handwashing and have stopped handling cash.

"We will continue to review all our operational processes to make further improvements wherever possible and ensure we are following government guidance."