The elected head of Thames Valley Police has said residents have the ‘common sense’ to stay at home.

In a statement police and crime commissioner Anthony Stansfeld explained that police will have new ways of enforcing lockdown rules on residents to halt the spread of coronavirus, and ‘the vast majority of people’ will ‘obey them’.

Boris Johnson announced a lockdown yesterday evening in a statement to the nation.

On the back of that Mr Stansfeld added that some criminals will exploit the new opportunities.

He said: “The police do their jobs with the consent of the public, and should only in a few instances have to enforce these new powers. It is with the support of the public that the police will be able to continue to provide safety to the people of the Thames Valley.

“It is up to all of us to make sure we do our best to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.”

He added: "As well as supporting the NHS by enforcing the Government’s restrictions, the police must still continue to prevent crime and protect the public.

"Whilst some crime, such as burglary and violence, is reducing due to the changes, we are vigilant for an increase in domestic abuse and criminals who will sadly seek to exploit these new circumstances."

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He said that he needed the public to follow the government's advice and stay inside, adding: "I am confident that the people of the Thames Valley have the common sense to do so."