A GROUP of 'feral youths' were allegedly seen trying to snatch a bike 'straight out of a man's hands' in Kennington.

A villager posted on the Kennington Connected Facebook page to warn people of what he had witnessed, and said he had filed a report with the police.

He saw the attempted theft at about 5pm yesterday, on a footbridge behind The Tandem pub. The post read: "Just witnessed a gang of feral youths four guys two girls try to steal a bike straight out of a man's hands.

"Keep a lookout and beware!"

He said the victim seemed 'shaken' and that he had 'never seen anything like it before', adding: "It looks like we need to be wary of these low-lives in these changed times."

Another woman, commenting on the post, said she had also witnessed what happened.

She branded their behaviour 'disgusting', adding: "I couldn't believe it."