A SPINE-CHILLING attack on an Oxfordshire taxi driver has left him with lasting physical injuries.

Warning: graphic image below 

More than a week after Mohammed Rahman was assaulted in the early hours of a Saturday morning on a quiet residential street in Abingdon, his battered face was still swollen and covered in dark purple-blue bruises.

The 52-year-old from Wantage was in the middle of his shift on March 18 when three women flagged his vehicle at about 2.15am from the town's cab station.

After Mr Rahman dropped off two of the passengers at separate locations in Wantage, he was on his way to a third address when he noticed that the third woman was acting 'suspicious' at the back of the car.

He explained that as soon as he parked at Ginge Close in Abingdon, she instantly jumped out of the car without paying for the fare.

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Oxford Mail:

The woman then ran into a house nearby where a male figure was observing out of a window.

Mr Rahman said he got out of the car to go ask for his fare but as soon as he stepped onto the driveway a man ran out of the house hurling abuse at him.

The 'tall white man with short dark hair' then swung his fist and punched Mr Rahman in the face, the taxi driver recalled.

About 15 minutes later the man woke up dizzy and in pain – his face flat on the driveway - with his mouth and eyebrows severely bleeding.

He then called the police who arrived quickly at the scene of the crime.

When the two officers got out of their vehicle the man who assaulted Mr Rahman again came out of the house angrily questioning why they were there.

Mr Rahman said he recalls the situation very clearly – he said he straight away informed the officers that this was the man who punched him, however, he says they did not arrest him or question him.

The taxi driver was then driven to the John Radcliffe Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and given 14 stitches for his bloodied lip.

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Oxford Mail:

Mr Rahman said: "I was very disappointed with the police officers because I was seriously injured outside of this person's house but they did not ask him about this incident.

"Instead, they asked me to give a statement on the way to the hospital but I was in too much pain."

The man said he has called the police several times since the assault to give a statement but that nobody has given him a call back.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police confirmed that the incident on Ginge Close is being investigated, however they said no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call 101, quoting reference 43200086249.